Welcome to my new blog!

I’ve been hoping to set up a new website for quite some time actually! Last year I tried going with something “easier” and shelled out the $$ to create a new blog on Squarespace, but after sharing a couple initial posts and uploading some photos, I basically ignored the website and put it on the back burner.

I guess it just didn’t feel like something that was truly “mine”. The blogging interface felt cumbersome and slow and as someone with an interest in software development, I knew there were probably some better non- (sidenote: Software as a Service) tools out there I could be using. So I basically let my inner perfectionist win, and didn’t end up using it further.

However, earlier this year a friend recommended Hugo and it reminded me of my Squarespace website “failure”, and I told myself I would check out Hugo as soon as I had some free time!

Nowadays everyone spends so much time using massive platforms like Instagram, Twitter, screaming into the void for attention - and we’re frying our own attention spans in the process.

Managing my own space on the internet to share longer-form content and thoughts without worrying about likes and algorithms should be really fun.